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SIAMUF was formed in autumn 1999 in conjunction with the Strategic Research Foundation's program "Multiphase Flows", with host-department at Chalmers. Since this program was ended 2005, the industrial association has continued to support multiphase flow research. The number of member companies has grown steadily and representation from the process industry, energy, pharmaceutical, food, pulp and paper technology, water and waste water treatment.  In addition, several consultants are represented, primarily acting in the field of CFD (computational fluid mechanics) as well as software vendors of CFD tools. Since the start of SIAMUF, Chalmers has acted the host / coordinator for SIAMUF however the association is independent.


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SIAMUF's address is: Applied Mechanics, Chalmers,  SE-41296 Göteborg. Phone 031-772 1407 (Alf-Erik Almstedt), E-mail: or Ulla Lindberg-Thieme, E-mail: phone 031-772 3787 or Srdjan Sasic E-mail:

SIAMUF has also an alumni groupe of:  Erik Olsson (, Richard Holm(

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